Professional detergents

Professional detergents

Give your customers unmatched washing quality and comfort thanks to our Ecolabel®-certified professional detergents

Use Alliance's professional detergent to achieve exceptional washing performance

3 reasons to use our professional detergents:

Icon Rocket - Alliance Laundry Parts Provide a high washing performance with only a few products, approved by the industry leader.

Trust icon - Alliance Laundry Parts Become the one-stop-shop trusted provider for your small business customers.

Ecolabel icon - Alliance Laundry Parts Logo Ecolabel - Alliance Laundry Parts Offer the professional-grade Ecolabel® detergents your customer demand.

Logo Ecolabel - Alliance Laundry Parts Enjoy efficient yet sustainable detergents for your day-to-day

Our most used detergents, the ALS Bright Eco-Alkali – ideal for whites, and the ALS Colour Eco-Soap have been certified by the ECOLABEL (DE/039/023 and DE/039023B).

What does this mean?

This means that we designed the entire product life, from the packaging to the composition, to minimize its impact on the planet without sacrificing on the wash performance.

Thus, the ALS Bright Eco-alkali and the ALS Colour Eco-Soap contain less harmful chemicals, have a reduced environmental impact, but their formula will ensure an excellent performance even when washing at 30º.

Tested and recommended for all Alliance Laundry Systems equipment.

Icon Professional laundry detergent - Alliance Laundry Parts High performance chemicals approved by the world leader in the laundry industry

At Alliance Laundry Systems, we don’t compromise on quality.

Like all of our parts and machines, our range of professional laundry detergents has been carefully tested by our experts under the most rigorous conditions.

Extend the life of your linens, offer your customers the best washing experience possible; and enjoy the unmatched efficiency and peace of mind you deserve.

To offer you the best possible profitability while saving you time, our professional detergents guarantee exceptional performance even for the most stubborn stains, in low temperature washes, during short machine cycles, and when the water quality is unfavorable – all with a low dosage.

Tested and recommended for all Alliance Laundry Systems equipment. Logos Alliance Laundry brands

The perfect detergents for all washing uses

At Alliance Laundry Systems, our mission is to make the world a cleaner place as a leading provider of laundry solutions.

This is why we offer you a range of detergents adapted to your needs, whatever your market: hospitality, healthcare, laundromats, communities, restaurants, residential, professional care, athletics, facilities, wellness, and more.

Partner with our exceptional team, dedicated to innovation, quality, and the daily concern of bringing you laundry peace of mind.

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